Sounds boring, does it not? Advise on how to not spend money. Especially when you’re the Joe that best enjoys swiping that credit card. Perhaps you even get a sense of relief or thrill when swiping it. There’s nothing wrong with it when done in a healthy manner. The problem only occurs once you’ve done it too many times during the month or if you spend more than you can afford. Although many people may find that us humans merely respond to a good-feeling impulse. That is not always the case. Some people can’t stop spending and tend to regret it afterwards. The temptation is a big voice, especially when you enjoy spending and it creeps up on you whenever least you expect it.

Let’s be real, buying only what you need each time you go to the store, mall and online store is one of the most difficult things to do. Life is tempting. Buying that extra pair of shoes because it has a discount of 20% is tempting. The same goes for that watch that you must add to your collection before it sells out.

What interests you most and where to stop spending

Understand your biggest spending triggers

The first thing you must know about stopping the urge of spending money generally starts with identifying the psychological and emotional triggers that lead you to spend money. By removing these triggers, the temptation will automatically be removed, and you will not place yourself in a situation to overspend. Be sure to recognize what time of the day you are most stressed and most likely to spend. If you recognize a pattern, you should probably consider avoiding leaving your home or turning on the Wi-Fi during that time. Also, avoid a tempting environment. These include the mall or that market that sells all the things you don’t really need.

Track your spending

Think before you buy. What… Anything. Although this might not occur to you at the time but buying that one coffee could lead to same coffee each day which can even add up as a payment for one of your utility bill by the end of the month. It is important to thus track your expenses and know what you’re spending your money on. Buying things that are considered low-priced seems irrelevant now, but it won’t seem so irrelevant by the end of the month.

Cash over credit cards or any cards

The biggest reason people tend to buy so much is that they have a magic card that allows them to. Overspending is mainly due to credit cards and can even get you into trouble when you’ve overspent too much. You might find yourself not being able to buy anything just because you have that extra debt bill at the end of each month. Paying with money, however, will keep you mindful each time you make a purchase.